~   In The Loving Memory of Chelsea Celeste Hays   ~

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January 7, 1996 - February 23, 2003

I would love to dedicate this website to my seven year old niece Chelsea Celeste Hays.
She loved looking at all my photos with her big beautiful smile.  I can truly say... she was my Biggest Fan.
"Everything I do, is because of you to keep you safe with me...That was my job you see..."
        ~ If I only knew that the last time I held you ,   
          was going to be the last...  
          I would have held you sooooo tight and  
          never let you go.....  
          The sky, the wind, a certain smell,
          a certain song...
          I close my eyes...  
          I swear you are always with me... always...  
          We Miss You C....  
          I ♥ u....Nini  

---- ♥ ♥ ♥-------- ♥ ♥ ♥
-♥-------♥-----♥-- -----♥
♥-----------♥-♥----- ----♥
♥------------♥-- ---------♥
---♥-------------- -----♥
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----------♥------ ♥
--------------♥ L٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ f٥гﻉ√ﻉr...♥