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Hello Everyone!!
Please, come join me at the " Miracle Market 2007 " !
I have worked very hard on this years Christmas Fundraiser for Dell Children's Hospital from the PR/ Media standpoint that is.
I want to thank everyone who were so kind as to offer their help, you are loved ! (B.F, M.S, F.L and Ron O.)
My Gosh! I can't believe it, it's finally here! Working on this project since the end of June.  It pretty much took up my summer vacation but, you know what?  It was so worth it!
In the Beautiful Memory of my seven year old niece Chelsea Celeste Hays, who now has a new wing named after her at Zavala Elementary School here in Austin.
To all the Doctors and Nurses in the Emergency Department of the former Children's Hospital of Austin who did their best to save her life Feb. 23, 2003,
I will Forever be in your debt and will give you and the new Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas all that I can give, now and forever.
Happy Holidays to all!
Thank You So Much!!!
Angel Wright aka " AngelCaprice "
PR/ Media for " Miracle Market 2007 "
Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas

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