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These are just a few words to thank everyone who has helped me in business and my personal life.


    First I would like to thank "The Man Upstairs".  I'm still kind of upset with you for taking our little girl.  I guess you had your reasons and who am I to question you?  I thank you for all you've given me.  I love you.


    Mom, I love you!  Who picks me up from home to run errands because I don't feel like driving, or pays my bills because I hate standing in line, or puts up with my "spoiled brat" attitude and gave birth to me because they loved me before they knew me?  YOU DO!  I will be forever in your debt till the day I die.  Mom, I love you!  


    Ricky, how in the HELL could put up with a house full of women and still manage to be sane?  I love you little brother.


    Eliz, you say I was mean to you growing up, although I can't remember.  Anyway, "Thank You" for one of the most beautiful gifts anyone has ever given me, Chelsea.  Who thought someone with such beautiful ivory skin could have had a baby with natural sun kissed skin like mine, genetics?  No, that's just the way it was.  The "Mini Me"!  God, I miss her so much it hurts.  Thank you for Garrett.  Man! They ain't lyin� about those terrible two�s.  I love you.

    Rachel, what would I do without your fashion tips and your advice?  You're only twenty years old!   How can you be so knowledgeable about things you have yet to experience is beyond me.  Thank you for everything. I love you.


    Evelyn, the baby of the family and I thank God for sparing you in that car accident we had when you were five.  You have grown up to be beautiful teenager.  Being the baby, I hope you've learned a lot from all the mistakes we've made in our lives.  From that, you WILL have a wonderful life.  I love you.


    James, I thank you for coming into our families� life.  You are a wonderful person, good husband to my sister, and a great dad to our Garrett. Thank you for being here to help buffer the pain of losing our Chelsea.  Thank you to your parents Bill and Jacquie for also being there and purchasing the burial plot for Chelsea.  I couldn't ask for anything more in a brother-in-law.  I love you.


    Dave Goodin from "Hyde Park Gym", after being in bed for a month, I thank you for helping me get my body back after my niece died.  Also, thank you for all those training sessions to prepare me for my upcoming calendars.  Thank you for putting up with me, pushing me and words of praise.  You are a prime example of an angel here on earth. I love you.


    Gary and Laurie Spellman of "Ultimate Face Cosmetics", I want to thank you for believing in me and allowing me to represent your cosmetic line as one of your spokes models.  I love you both.


    John Paul DeJoria "John Paul Mitchell Systems", thank you for being you.  Thank you for the words of praise at all of the children�s charity events we've done.  They've made me strong.


    Sugars Restaurant and Bar, Thank you hiring me to do all of your advertisements and promotions. They will surly come in handy on the resume'.



To all my friends, thank you for everything.


With Love,